How To Create Animated Highlight in Flash

Flash 31 January 2011 | 8 Comments

Sample Movie (The info below could be used in many applications, such as this logo)

Open A New Flash Document (550px x 400px @ 24fps) Name Layer 1 - 'Test' and Type the word TEST in dark gray on stage

Make Layer Stretch to Frame 30 (Press F5 on frame 30)

Select Layer to Highlight Frames and Control(Right)-Click and Select Copy Frames. Make New Layer Called "Test copy'

Select Test copy Layer and Control(Right)-Click and choose Paste Frames

Select Text on 'copy' Layer and Choose Break Apart, Repeat this Step Once More to Turn the Text into Shape Object

Text Should Appear to Have White Dots in Fill (This is how you know it's a Shape Object)

Create a New Layer named 'Highlight'- Then Insert New Symbol from drop-down menu at top, Name this Symbol 'Highlight' and choose the 'Movie Clip' option

On Movie Clip Editing Stage, Draw a Circle roughly 485px x 485px (at least larger than text object)

Fill Circle with Linear Gradient w/ 3 stops (Left Stop- 0% White, Mid Stop- 75% White, Right Stop- 0% White) Click to Add and Select Stops

Go Back to Scene 1 (Main Movie) and Drag New Symbol onto Stage in Layer 'Highlight' - Create Motion Tween by Control(Right)-Click Symbol on stage

Drag Playhead to Frame 30 and move symbol (at angle) Above Top Right side of word "Test" to Create the Motion

Control(Right)-Click the Layer 'Test copy' (which should be above 'Highlight' in layer stack) and Select Mask

This Automatically Creates Clipping Mask with "Test" and 'Highlight' as well as Locking Both Layers (Unlocking will reaveal Mask) Test Movie to view Preview of Finished Movie, Below is Mine

Final Movie (Once again, this technique could be applied in many ways such as example at top)

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